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So…what are you waiting for?

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It's about you
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You deserve the job and the team that really suit you.

As an applicant, you are the center of attention – and you don’t have to do much!

Using our artificial intelligence, you will only be found by companies that really fit you.

We recognize your talent

Using the results from our newly developed psychological TeamFit quick test, our AI recognizes exactly which company, which corporate culture and which team you really fit into.

PerfectMatch = SkillFit + CulturalFit + TeamFit

Apply...Why should you?

Tiresome applying is finally over.

With karriereheld, companies find you and your completely anonymous profile through our matching based on your different fits and ask you directly.

You decide whether you want to accept the request.

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Create profile quick and easy

… and be found by exciting employers. Create a profile in just 3 minutes, upload documents or log in with social media – done!


Make team fit test

In just 10 minutes, we’ll know exactly which companies and teams are a good fit for you.


Matching employers and teams find you

With the help of your anonymous profile, you can be found by suitable companies. You then decide how to proceed.


The fastest way to the interview

You’ll get direct appointments for interviews – in person, by phone, or via Skype/Teams.


The interview went well? Then congratulations on your new job

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