This is how you find suitable employees today - simple and intelligent

With artificial intelligence and TeamFit testing to the PerfectMatch – the employee who really fits the job, the company and even the team.

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And that is new:

Now you can save time and money and find the right employees. No more expensive job ads, no more time-consuming active sourcing and no more complex approaches.

With our newly developed psychological TeamFit quick test and our innovative technologies based on artificial intelligence, we will find the right candidate for you – without the need for job advertisements and time-consuming and expensive searches!

So why karriereheld? Because the team is the real hero! Secure and increase your success sustainably through more efficient, more motivated and more satisfied teams.

Be part of it now!

Everything at transparent and fair prices

You search our candidate pool completely free of charge and only pay when your vacancy has been successfully filled.

Create as many teams as you like – free of charge.

Your benefits:

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